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Transportation Services

Transportation becomes a major part for all modes and there is the important key factor to define service punctually, we are the expert to create the unity in integrated service solution as a one stop service by combine the service mode from/to air, sea, railroad, customs clearance with inland transportation. CEI has the high quality truck to serve the customer need, and we ensure that with the quality and several of truck provide, we can serve all customer need by base on the customer strategy as our goal.

Our Services

- Domestic truck 
- Cross boarder transportation 
      o Thailand to/from Singapore
      o Thailand to/from Malaysia
      o Thailand to/from Laos
      o Thailand to/from China
      o Thailand to/from Myanmar
      o Thailand to/from Cambodia 
      o Thailand to/from Vietnam
- GPS Monitor 
- Moving Oversized/Heavy Lift Cargo/ Equipment/ Machinery/ Components from Anywhere to Anywhere
- Feasibility Studies on Road Conditions/ Transport routes and Site Conditions
- Factory Removal